fibromyalgia supplement fos-fm2

Fibromyalgia Supplement FOS-FM2


Product Specification
Name Proprietary Blend
Type Capsules
Code FOS-FM2
Materials Duloxetrol
Supply 90 Capsules (22 day supply)

250 in stock

SKU: 2001A

Product Description

FibrOrganic Solutions has three different high-powered, natural products available for the treatment of various medical conditions to include: severe joint pain, intense muscle ache, easy fatigue, low stamina, generalized weakness, decreased vigor, mental fatigue, and intestinal irregularity.

The FOS-FM2 (Duloxetrol) is recommended for individuals with prior severe complaints who have  now reached a steady-state serum level with the use of FOS-FM1 (Pregabatrol) product. This particular treatment for fibromyalgia is a maintenance product for individuals who had suffered from severe chronic pain and fibromyalgia symptoms. The recommended dosing frequency of FOS-FM2 is two tablets taken two times per day to maintain steady-state serum levels and improved health results.

 Reduction of lower back pain, headaches, joint, and muscle pain

 Reduced inflammation

 Increased mental clarity diminishing the effects of “fibro-fog”

 Improved energy levels and stamina

 A full night’s sleep without waking up groggy

 A proprietary blend that you can’t get anywhere else

 Risk free, money back guarantee*


Not sure you’re ready to try it RISK FREE? This is what our customers have to say.

“I’ve been on your product for 4 months now, and recently transitioned to FOS-FM2 . I can happily say I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of my strength, stamina ,and  pain symptoms. I’m able to get out more and do activities like playing  tennis and riding my bike like I used to do.”

Jordan B., Age 51 — Conway, Arkansas

I have lived with severe aches and pains for many years , and finally one Doctor  suggested it could be overactive nerves and diagnosed my condition as fibromyalgia.  I’ve  tried acupuncture and massage therapy with minimum results, so I gave Fibrorganic solutions a try  and I have to say it really began to help ease my pain within a few weeks.

Randy S., Age 61 — Canton, Georgia

I originally started with FOS FM1 less than a year ago and soon noticed I could do a lot more activities and actually started  sleeping through the whole night. The last few months I started taking FOS FM2 and I continue to feel so much better . This really works.

Priscilla H., Age 52 — San Marcos , Texas


I was impressed with how quickly I felt normal again by taking FOS FM1. It had been so long since I was able to enjoy my daily life and all that I had missed out on. Thanks to your product, FOS FM1 and now FOS FM2. Im getting back to my previous healthy self.

Christy P., Age 44  Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania

“My sleeplessness was taking a toll on me everyday.I was not functioning and thinking clearly due to a lack of sleep. I had taken other remedies on the market, but did not get very good results. My friend was taking FOS FM1 and FM2 for a few months and recommended that I try it. Im so glad I listened to her and bought it. Ive been a happy customer for a good while now and am maintaining my sleep issues with FOS FM3. Thank you so much.”

Dale A., Age 54 Chattanooga, Tennessee


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