fibromyalgia supplement fos-fm1

Fibromyalgia Supplement FOS-FM1


Product Specification
Name Proprietary Blend
Type Capsules
Code FOS-FM1
Materials Pregabatrol
Supply 90 capsules (15 days)

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SKU: 1001A

Product Description

FibrOrganic Solutions has three different high-powered, natural products available for the treatment of various medical conditions that include: severe joint pain, intense muscle ache, easy fatigue, low stamina, generalized weakness, decreased vigor, mental fatigue, and intestinal irregularity.

The FOS -FM1 (pregabatrol) product is available as a starter fibromyalgia supplement to be used initially for the first three months of therapy in order to achieve steady-state serum levels in the individual using the product.

The recommended dosing of this product is two tablets taken three times per day. Consumption of the tablets with meals is recommended.

The user of this product should experience a decrease in their previous symptoms within the first two to four weeks of use of this natural treatment for fibromyalgia, although the use of this product and the recommended dosing regimen is recommended for an entire three month duration. Once the steady-state serum level have been achieved, the symptom sufferer can choose one of the other two available products for maintenance control: FOS-FM2 or FOS-FM3.

 Reduction of lower back pain, headaches, joint, and muscle pain

 Reduced inflammation

 Increased mental clarity diminishing the effects of “fibro-fog”

 Improved energy levels and stamina

 A full night’s sleep without waking up groggy

 A proprietary blend that you can’t get anywhere else

 Risk free, money back guarantee*


Not sure you’re ready to try it RISK FREE? This is what our customers have to say.

“I suffered from Bursitis of my hips for years and I did not want to take pain medications. Your product has been a life changer. I am back in the gym getting healthy again and my husband has his fishing partner back. Thanks so much!”

Karen T., Age 46 — Odessa, Florida

It really gave me a feeling of increased energy. I am so excited about how I feel. I have no joint pain and am ready to return to having fun. It’s the best I have felt in a very long time. Thank you very much, a new supporter of FOS – FM1.

Lucille B., Age 73 — Bar Harbor, Maine

I have Fibromyalgia. As such, I am intolerant to almost everything I have tried in the past to treat my chronic pain complaints. Thank you so much for making a product that decreased my pain and for which I suffered NO side effects. Wow!

Maria A., Age 47 — Lexington, Massachusetts

My joint pain and muscle aches were beyond debilitating. I had been so depressed for many years until I found about your product FOS FM1. I was concerned that I wouldnt get any kind of positive result from it, but in a few  short months my pain is now manageable and my outlook on life is so much better.  I feel like Ive won my life back! A million thanks!

Shari N., Age 58— Hickory, North Carolina


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